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5 Home Repairs too Dangerous to do Yourself

Electrical Repairs

Replacing a light fixture with the same wiring in the same location is a project most homeowners can handle with ease. anything more complicated however hiring an electrician is a must. A small wiring mistake can cause electrocution, lead to a house fire, or prevent your house from selling if the work isn’t up to code

Tree Removal

If you need to remove a tree from your yard, its always best to hire a team of experienced professionals. Not only is it dangerous to you but can potentially cause damage to the property or home. So find a local service that you can trust and hire them to handle any tree-removal tasks you have lined up for your yard. Keep in mind this can cost anywhere from $50 – $1500 for this service.

Gas Line Repairs

Just like electrical repairs doing this yourself can go very wrong so it is most likely a better choice to hire a professional. A natural gas leak can cause fires, and poisoning, but it is also not always obvious to the untrained eye. It’s a good idea to inspect gas-powered appliances like furnaces and water heaters on a regular basis, but leave repairs to the professionals.

Mold Remediation

Mold isn’t just unsightly. It’s also dangerous. If you’re dealing with a mold patch that’s three feet by three feet or smaller, the EPA says it’s safe to clean yourself with protective gear. However, more extensive mold growth is best handled by a professional.

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