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5 Secrets to maintaining the perfect lawn

These are some tips you can use to keep your lawn green and lush as a golf course during the spring and summer seasons.

1. Build Up The Low Yellow Spots

The Pest and Fungus treatment companies would love for you to believe that every yellow or dead spot can be solved with the use of an expensive treatment product. But some yellow spots are simply a result of low spots on your lawn especially if they appear after rain as grass can rot in standing water. The easiest fix to this is to spread a layer of compost over the yellow spot and raise it to the surrounding grass level. If this is the issue new grass should sprout up from the area within a week or two.

2. Quit Bagging Grass Trimmings

If you have a mower that shreds grass and spreads it right back on the lawn you can reduce the recommended amount of lawn fertilizer by at least a third and possibly even half. A mulching mower will save you time and money by not having to spread tons and tons of fertilizer every year.

3. Overseed Your Lawn

Believe it or not we lose around 10-15% of our lawns every year in the harsh winter conditions. The best way to combat this is to overseed your lawn once temperature’s reach 10 degrees Celsius consistently in the spring season. After you rake out the dead spots replace the bare areas with grass seeds before its warm enough for weeds to begin infiltrating them.

4. Water Your Lawn

This one is easy and only takes 5-10 minutes. All you have to do is remember to consistently water your lawn at least two times a week between 6 and 9 AM. This will help a lot in keeping your lawn as green and lush as a golf course.

5. Aerate and Dethatch

These should be the first things you do in lawn maintenance in the spring season. This is the process of covering your lawn with small holes to reduce soil compaction, remove lawn thatch, and make it easier for air, and water to travel into the soil and to the roots. Thatch is the layer of dead turf grass or organic debris on your that collects on your lawn’s surface over time and can reduce your lawn’s ability to absorb what it needs to stay healthy and green.

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