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5 Most Expensive Fixes an Inspection can Reveal

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

1. Foundation

While Foundation cracks or damage can be very minimal with only a few hundred dollars in repair cost, more major ones can easily add up to tens of thousands in expense. The most worrisome of cracks are usually wider at least 1/4 inch or greater.

2. Water Damage

Drips, leaks, and flooding can cause major damage if not addressed in proper and timely manner. Catching potential issues like this before purchasing a home can save you tons of stress, work, and money in the long run. Some important signs of this to look out for when touring a home that often are signs of excessive amounts of water damage are stains, odor and fresh paint (particularly the basement or isolated to one room).

3. The Roof

There are several common roof issues that you should check for when deciding to purchase a home. This includes leaking, broken gutters, dislodged downspout, chimney disrepair, weathering, and animal housing.

4. Electrical Issues

Like a lot of plumbing issues electrical is hidden within the walls making these issues harder to look for yourself. Add in the safety hazards and, its easy to see why these issues are best left for a professional. This is one fix you just can not put off as some electrical issues can easily cause a fire. Before purchasing the home hire a home inspector to check these issues for you. It is also recommended to get an electrician to do a checkup at least once a year.

5. Plumbing Issues

The cost of repairing or reinstalling pipes can strain your budget, due to the labor costs involved. Pipes can be hard to access, as most are undergrounds or hidden in the walls. Piping issues are especially common in older homes with copper lines. Often, tree roots can grow into pipes, or temperature can cause the pipes to freeze and/or burst. Left untreated these issues can cause serious water damage so its best to find them before purchasing a home.

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