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Home maintenance


Take a look regularly at your heating or air conditioning filter. You may want to change it every month, especially if you have pets whose hair may accumulate quickly to clog the filters. Family members who suffer from allergies will also benefit from regular filter changes. A fresh filter not only keeps your air cleaner, it helps your HVAC system run more efficiently.


Sediment that builds up in your water heater makes it less efficient and leads to corrosion that will require you to replace it. It’s a good idea to drain the tank every 1-2 years to flush out that sediment.


Did you know that refrigerators are the second largest user of electricity in most homes? On average, they use 13.7% of the electricity, right behind air conditioners, which use a little over 14%. To keep yours at its most efficient, clean the dust from its coils once or twice a year. Simply locate the coils (usually on the back or underneath the refrigerator), and vacuum with the angled attachment on the vacuum hose.


This is one chore that is frequently overlooked, which not only makes dryers work poorly, but it can also be dangerous. Lint buildup is a major cause of house fires. Fortunately, you can keep your dryer working its best and reduce your risk of fire by keeping the vents clean


Clearing leaves and debris from your gutters and downspouts not only helps rainwater drain away from your foundation efficiently, but it can also help prevent ice dams from forming during the winter. Ice dams can damage gutters and roofs, so it’s worth the time to clean gutters out twice a year.

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