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How to get your pool summer ready

1. Plan Ahead: Your pool won’t be swim ready as soon as its opened. You must fill your pool and it is not ready yet. Plus you have to make sure everything is working properly.

2. Check For Leaks: With proper care and upkeep, pools can often last for decades. Begin by checking the shell of the pool to look for tears in the vinyl or cracks in the plaster. You also need to examine the tile line and take a closer look inside the skimmers. When in doubt, always call in a professional. As with all repairs, the quicker a problem is remedied, the less expensive it’ll be.

3. Monitor Filter System: Check your system daily for a few days after first opening your pool. Be sure to clean the filter, pump basket and automatic vacuuming system.

4. Run filter system continually: Your pools filter system should be running 24 hours a day. Especially for the first month after opening.

5. Don’t cheap out on chemicals: It’s especially important to use the right amount of chlorine. Your pool will need a lot of oxidation after months without filtration. Keep your pool in the 2-3 ppm range

6. Check cyanuric acid level. Cyanuric acid is added to many chlorine products as a stabilizing slow-release agent, but too much isn’t good. Over time, the cyanuric level will rise and negate the effectiveness of the chlorine. Diluting the cyanuric to a level below 100 ppm will ensure the effectiveness of your chlorine.

7. Brush pool daily. Assist your filtration system by brushing your pool daily. Or, buy a robotic pool cleaner that will complete this task for you as well as vacuum the pool’s surface.

Test and balance the water. Having some problems balancing the water on your own? Call in a professional.Many pool supply companies also offer onsite testing. It’s always best to play it safe.

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